Disha Caroline - Best Image Consultant
Disha Caroline - Best Image Consultant

Helping you to stand out

I’m Disha Caroline, a Certified Image Consultant, with an amazing track record of helping individuals get a 360 degree transformation from numerous backgrounds

Wondering how you can be transformed ?

Watch me transform Mrs. Charu into a modern day professional

Watch how Ms. Kousalya gets transformed into a stylish young girl

MY background
Disha Caroline is a certified Image Consultant, Etiquette Coach, and Soft Skills trainer. Her expertise is helping her clients achieve their desired transformation with respect to their Clothing, Grooming, Communication, Etiquette, Behaviour, and Personality. She is known for her charismatic personality and warm nature that makes her clients feel comfortable, devoid of their insecurities and ability to advance further.

Disha Caroline has been known to be an Avant-Garde in the field of Image Consulting in Chennai and Dubai . As one of the top Image Consultants in India and UAE, Disha’s only goal is to help people who are struggling with low self-esteem and low self-confidence, through Image Therapy using the art of Clothing and Grooming. She is also the Pageant Grooming Expert for Mr., Ms., & Mrs. Hindustan, Mr., Ms., & Mrs. Fashion World, and a lot more.

Image Consultant Disha Caroline has worked with HNI individuals, celebrities, Business Owners, IT professionals, Doctors, and aspiring Pageants. Her excellence in transition her client's personality, communication, and style through her exclusive one on one coaching module has given her recognition as the “Power Women of India – By the World Book of Records”

Her impeccable skills and her optimistic approach towards her training programs have helped her become one of the Best Image Consultants in India and now in the UAE.








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MY Services

What can I do for you?


Tired of not being noticed ? Do you want to feel confident, your best self, and make people remember for who you are ?

You need an IMAGE REVAMP

Perfect your style and build a wardrobe that suits your personality, lifestyle and your body type. Discover what colors go well go with your skin and hairstyle. Enhance your written and vocal communication. Master the art of being the crowd puller in your next social gathering. Perfect the art of shopping within the budget with few hidden insights


Are you having an important event coming up & are you that person who finds it confusing to shop for these instances? 

Get connected with me, your PERSONAL STYLIST, for all your occasions

Elimate your cluttered wardrobe, create new looks with the existing pieces, and revamp your style.  Look and feel your best, with a personalized skin care regime.  Become more confident to interact with that special someone.  Connect with new family and friends on an emotional level. Gain insights on the Etiquettes of cultures and personal relationships. Enhance your Image and Shine


Apart from the time spent on working and let alone household duties, shopping or style was never on your list of things to do, 


Discover a different 'YOU'. Learn how to be a smart shopper and match the current trends. Let the experts build a stylish, refined and comfortable clothing. Master the tricks of clustering and accessorising.  Learn the art of clustering and accessorising. With  the expert Personal Shopper alongside you, get that perfect, fashionable appearance.


Do you end up saying , "I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR", everytime you raid your wardrobe ? Did you know, you only wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time ?

Let's build you a WORKING WARDROBE

Master the art of  mix and match, and buying outfits that fit and flatter you the most. Learn the ways to plan and shop cleverly for everyday wear as well as your ceremonial wear. Maximize the use of your current wardrobe with the art of clustering and accessorising. Elimate the clothing that you haven't worn for atleast 6 months.


Are you fed up of wasting time and money , or are you struggling to find time to shop and when you do, you don't enjoy shopping or are you overwhelmed by the choices available to you ?


Plunge into the online shopping experience. Learn the easy to search shopping cues, pefect price transparency, and closing on deals. It's super convenient, at the comfort of your own laptop. You can do it anywhere, your work , your home or even when you're travelling. With an expert by your side, have fun with shopping and filling up your cart.

Are you a super busy person, travelling for business or leisure ? You know that your wardrobe needs to be updated and shopping seems to be a tedious task for you

Then our VIRTUAL CONSULTING SERVICES is your magic potion

Get your personalized consultation, through Skype / Zoom calls and email from your expert. Learn what works and doesn't work for you.  Get a 360° transformation, an inside and outside makeover, find your personal style, master your communication skills.  Dress with poise and sophistication, naturally and effortlessly. Make an 100% impact on your persona.

woman wearing fur hoodiewoman wearing fur hoodie
Fashion Stylist in ChennaiFashion Stylist in Chennai
Personal ShopperPersonal Shopper
Wardrobe OrganiserWardrobe Organiser
Online Counselling Online Counselling
person using black tablet computerperson using black tablet computer

Who doesn't want to have an outstanding personality with the perfect mannerisms, behavior, communication and soft skills


Explore your true potential, by breaking out of your comfort zone and changing the way others look at you. This training programme gives you a holistic transition from who you are now to where you want to be. Avail yourself a different version yourself in a 3 month perioid

Personality Development TrainingPersonality Development Training

Disha Caroline is a passionate professional with who I have had the pleasure of working. When you first meet her, you’ll be impressed by how quickly she engages with your vision and aligns with your aims. Her approach to Image Consulting is nothing short of enlightened, and her novel concepts are a delight to engage with.”

- Clarice Turner

Client Testimonials

” It means a lot to having a mentor like Mam. Very happy that you have shared your valuable information and knowledge with me and given me your valuable time. I will work on your feedbacks and will implement all the steps provided by you. Thank you Mam!”

- Prashant Mishra

”I really want to thank you for providing such a wonderful online session. Indeed, my session was so knowledgeable, I got to learn many things. Really an immense thank you to Mam. You explained all the points clearly and I am very thankful for that. The sessions were really amazing. I really liked it and got all my doubts cleared. After your session, I have started to work on myself  from communication skills to personality development.”

- Preity Bhattacharya

”Thank you so much Mam. I was in so much stress , that I have no career and I have no chance. But, you have helped me to come out of this problem. You are always supportive and sharing your knowledge. I'm very glad to have a mentor like you”

- Sharon Reddy

Ready for an expert assistance ?


Disha Caroline

Certified Image Consultant.  I’m excited to help you with whatever challenges you have to throw at me.